Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sunset at St:Kilda

A beautiful evening on St:Kilda beach, Melbourne. I didnt plan for this one.. it was just there for me to capture. A cloudy evening, still sun peeping in before leaving for the day. A band of boys playing on the beach adding spice to my photo.

It was time of St:Kilda music festival at St:Kilda. The beach is quiet far from Melbourne city centre, with about 30-40 minutes of tramming (its just 7km though). I went around seeing the beach, the music venues, adventure sports area, merry wheel kind of a place, inner lanes with lot of eateries and wine bars which were houseful with the crowd from the music festival. The beach is popular with swimmers and sunbathers during the summer months.

It is located beside Port Phillip Bay about 7 km south-east of the Melbourne's central business district. It has the largest population of any suburb in the City of Port Phillip. The suburb takes its name from a ship called The Lady of St Kilda, which visited Melbourne in 1841.

Kulin people lived in St:Kilda for up to 30,000 years which was known as Euroe Yroke before settlements came in. The settlements drove out the local population to further remote areas. The first half of the last century saw many palatial mansions being constructed as the merchant class arrived. Once the wealthy population moved out to southern suburbs of Melbourne the area became Melbourne's red-light district, with many of the large mansions converted into low-cost rooming houses. Now it trying to regain its glory with music festivals and theme parks and grand sea side hotels.


Rahul Kumar said...

Nice.. I see you have been working to improve your blog template also.

Dennis said...

yes... the template wasnt very apt. This gives me more space on the screen, and i guess better colors (my taste at least)...