Friday, August 10, 2007

360, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Yes, my office in melbourne was at 18th floor in 360, Elizabeth street. One summer afternoon in Feb this year when it is wet in the blue rays. One of the famous addresses in Melbourne with several other high tech, financial, consulting and government companies operating out of it. It has got a grand galleria and 3 storyied food court adjacent. You get some of the best views of the city from this 40 floor building.
My housing was just a 15 min walk away from this office at Elizabeth & Collins. At 161, Collins Street. My stay was much closer to the Federation Square and Flinder's street Railway station spot. This is the place where you cross the Yarra river bridge to go to the southern part of the city by tram. Flinders steet station happens to be one of the major rail stations in Melbourne .You will find an entrances to Botanical Gardens, walk streaks along Yarra river, approach walk to Melbourne Cricket Ground & Australian Open Tennis Arena etc. It was sort of weekend destination for us. There will be some or other music band playing or a huge TV screen showing a tennis or Rugby match. There is a bar in the square itself with great crowd and they play some good music in the evening.
Federation Square is built to commomerate the 100th anniversary of the formation of Common wealth of Australia. Federation square is in fact a cultural center with institutions like Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Australian Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, National Design Centre and the Melbourne Visitor Centre.

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