Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bamboo Bed at Edamalayar Dam

From our ride to Edamalayar dam and its near by forest area. We saw these bamboo logs left in the water and we were curious to know why this is being done so..The bamboo harvested from the forest logged in water so that they dont use its moisture content while waiting for it to be transported to the factory. Its a beautiful scene with these bamboos spread across the dam water. You can actually walk across the water on top of bamboo logs...

Bamboo is known as “poor man’s timber”. Bamboo is currently being elevated to the status of “the timber of the 21st century”.

Besides bamboo shoot is supposed to be a nutritious food as well. A bamboo shoot is a young culm harvested at the time, or shortly after it appears above the soil surface. When the shoot pierces the ground, critical bio-chemical processes start. These lead to rapid growth, as well as concurrent hardening, as the shoot elongates and turns into a woody culm. Bamboo shoot have high nutritional value and low fat, and are a good source of fibre.Bamboo shoots are rich in vitamins, cellulose and amino acids. At harvesting, a shoot may contain as much as 90% water. The edible content of a newly harvested shoot is typically around 30%; the balance is made up of the sheath, and the extreme portions of the shoot.

Most bamboo species produce edible shoots. In many parts of India, bamboo shoots have formed a part of traditional cuisine – fresh, dried, shredded or pickled. There is however also a growing market for processed and packaged shoots, representing an opportunity for the establishment of commercially run processing units.

National Mission on Bamboo Applications website will tell more on the activities at the national level and at various bamboo producing states.

Now, they are being loaded on to the lorry from the water..


david mcmahon said...

G'day Dennis,

Love the colours of the first shot.



Anonymous said...

WoW...simply loved the shots and this post on bamboo. One of the important regions in India where bamboo grows most is in North-east India and there most of the products are made from bamboo and it is used all the way from fuel to food...Nice post!

Dennis said...

yeah.. right, apparently theproducton and usage of bamboo is much more in North east.. i came to know abt lot of things abt Bamboo researching abt this.. wonderful tree, right

JoAnn - NL Photography said...

Hi Dennis,
I Saw your name on Moi's blog and wondered who you are.... so you're from India right?

I like the photography so far I can see on your blog . I don't know all about bamboo, but this give's me a small idea, Nice blog you have... :)I also like India but have never been there yet...

I invite you to visit my Dutch-English blog, last days I posted some pic's about Dutch cows...

:) JoAnn from Holland

Anonymous said...

bamboo shoot is nutritious?
oh i didnt know that!
gotta eat it more. thanks!!
love that snap of bamboo bed.

jump said...

I really love Bamboo... Incredible to see this scene...

Anonymous said...

Hello dennis,

This Siju K Joseph working as an engineer in Ireland.
I had a friend in sree sankara college kalady during the period 1993 - 95, his name is Dennis Kuriakkose. Are you from perumbavoor in kerala? Just I need to make sure that are you the same person or not? If you dont mind please replay me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks and Regards

Siju K Joseph