Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stained Glasses from St:Francis Church, Melbourne

From the western transcept of St Francis' Church located on the corner of Lonsdale Street and Elizabeth Street in Melbourne. St Francis' Church is the oldest Catholic church in Victoria.. Its just minutes away from my office, 360, ELizabeth street, It takes more time in the lift than to walk up to the church. It is one of only three buildings in central Melbourne which predates the Gold Rush of 1851. The church's was laid on 4 October 1841, the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, to whom the church is dedicated.
Western transcept is known as the Ladyes church. This transcept was later added to the church in 1858. What attracted me mpst is the beautiful paintings on the glass windows portraying important events from the life of Virgin Mary. I kindled a candle everyday at this place, not that I became devout suddenly, but somehow my wavering mind needed a solace in those days. A place to be calm and meditative. The atmosphere in the St:Francis chruch provided that. Its quiet different from what you saw outside....a divine sense prevailed. Of course it was easy to spend sometime there everyday as it was on my way to office.

More on this transcept and its features from the
website of the church itself.

Major news papers published detailed articles on the day of the blessing of the church. The Argus of the day reported,

"The new chapel present one of the most beautiful interiors of which our city can boast. It is situated on the western site of the cathedral, and contain several windows, all of which are intended to be filled with stained glass. At present two large windows and an oriel are so ornamented: the paintings respectively representing the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption of the Virgin, and the Descent of the Holy Ghost. The mural decorations are alike costly and tasteful, and reflect much credit on the artists who have been employed in their formation. The pillars are judiciously colored, and the carvings are of the most elaborate kind. The altar, when crowned with the lighted tapers, embellished with flowers, and surmounted by a gilded state of the Virgin Mary, presents an imposing appearance. Indeed, the only fault which can be found with the chapel is that it is too rich to harmonise with the rest of the buildings."

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