Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Camel Caravan

Exciting part of the Jaisalmer trip. The camel ride. Wide and zig zag desert and you and your camels. You are put into some kind of a rythm on the camel top (Wasnt great, took some time to adjust). Its very interesting to see how they bow down for you to set you on top. I realised that they can run very fast too. I can be very 'ass-paining' time if it makes a run.
Far in the back ground is the camping ground arranged in the midst of desert. Noo, we are not staying there. Our accommodation is still far and more in the villages. This is for the more enthusiastic and the more planned. (We realised that if you dont have prior bookings, it can be very expensive to get one room in the desert camps).

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