Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little boy and his home

I am just continuing from the previous post. We reached Sam Sand dunes around 4 pm in the evening. We took a hut on rent. We negotiated with the grumpy old man on an amount what we thought right for the place. He promised authentic Jaisalmer food and folk dance show and music in the evening. Also a ride to sand dunes was to be part of the package. Once settling with our baggage we went out to see the sand dunes and more importantly the sun set from desert.

We got a nice friend on the way. He was some 10 year old. His name, I cant recollect. He was herding the camel from our hut to the sand dunes, some 2km away. The small camel ride winded through a small village. It was interesting to see how he was fighting with a girl who called him swearnames. The girl was actually mentioning something about his cast, later he told us. On the way back we visited his little home. The wide courtyard kept very clean and small rooms with hay rooftops, all maintained within whitewashed mud walls. Arun got their address so that he can send those photos back to the boy. He hoped that that will give him a sense of world outside. I dont know if he has done that actually. But I still ridicule his sentiments for the little boy and his saying 'if i were born in this small village what would have happened to me?' My usual unemotional approach yielded only a momentary laugh, as if nothing of those boys can change in this hopeless system.

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