Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clay Art - Bastar

Collection of clay art at Chitrakoot water fall near Jagadalpur. Part of the Bastar regions art forms and collections. The impressive feature is their originatlity and ingenuity. The elephant headed pots, the aborgine drummer, the wide eared elephants, masks, lanterns, boxes, pots and various other animals. The ornamentation is intricate and beyond what you would associate with tribal art. The only diety who we are familar with is Ganesha here. He appears quiet different.
Efforts are on the way to preserve these art forms by helping the natives to market them in exhibitions across the country. The artisans from the tribes are given assistance to continue making them and selling them.
The sculpture like clay work where mother feeding the baby attracted my attention most. Its a stage where art is growing from simple representation to an event or an instance, there by introducing the emotions in the observer. We are not sure when these art reached the maturity level displayed today. But I feel this is like prehistoric and in that sense it is very impressive. The miniature form of the sculpture makes it even more loveable.


Kalyan said...

A nicely captured shot & it was nice reading the description too!

Priji said...

awesome !!!!